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Gallery@Home with Artrack Slimline Hanging System

Michael Freeman

Artrack's Slimline Hanging System:Gallery @ Home

Are you looking for a picture hanging system?? Gallery walls are a great way to display your artwork, paintings and photographs. Released in 2009, Artrack's Slimline Hanging System has become the default permanent picture hanging system for residential houses with a Gallery @ home effect.  Create your own unique composition.

Any wall in your home can now be hung using Artrack’s Slimline picture hanging system.  Its profile is so small that you hardly know it’s there, its front fascia has a 20mm profile and its 10mm thickness means it will sit flush with the cornice in your home, or sit flush with your square set wall. It’s a simple unobtrusive picture hanging system that lets your pictures do the talking.

A gallery wall is a work in progress let it develop and evolve. Be creative and make your picture hanging system work for you. Go horizontal...go vertical...go crazy, your pictures don’t have to be perfectly spaced and placed.

Create an interesting wall by mixing different mediums.. commissioned art, photographs, mirrors, kids art. Put your story on the wall and punctuate it with a collection of different frames.

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