About Us

Artrack was developed in 2003 in a response to the limited range of picture hanging solution available on the market.  In 2006 the Artrack GALLERY range was introduced to the Australian Bunnings store as a DIY product. 

As the years developed so did the ranges. 2009 saw the introduction of the new SLIMLINE track and subsequently a new range. The track was designed with a smaller profile that fit neatly under a traditional plaster cornice; it was also primed so it could be easily painted.

In 2010 Artrack was introduced to the New Zealand Bunnings stores, this lead to the Artrack range setting up a distribution centre for the products in Auckland.

The Artrack brand continues to grow and reflect the market needs and demands when it comes to picture hanging solutions.

The Artrack brand was developed by Fix8 Systems www.fix8systems.com.au .

Fix8 Systems provide suspension solutions for both the wholesale and retail market with key clients including the lighting, signage, gallery and display industries.

Fix8 Systems manufacture and import a large variety of suspension products all made from quality stainless steel, brass and aluminum.  With 8 years experience Fix8 systems provide effective solutions for commercial, industrial and residential cable suspension applications.

To find out more please visit our website www.fix8systems.com.au

Alternatively you can contact us directly and talk to one of our qualified staff for a comprehensive description of our products, and advice on the best solution to suit your display and suspension requirements.