Instructions: Slimline Track

  1. Using a string line, spirit level or laser level, mark a line at the desired height for the artrack fixings.
  2. Along the line, mark out your fixing positions. If mounting on masonary or concrete use a 5mm masonary bit to drill pilot holes (1).
  3. Once the fixing holes are marked and drilled you then need to attach the fixing clips to the wall (2). Different walls will require different wall anchors depending on your surface, Plasterboard = Wall Mates + Screws, Concrete or Cavity Brick = Wall Plugs + Screws, Studded Wall = Wood Screws.
  4. Once your fixing clips are mounted to the wall, simply install your track by pushing the track onto the fixing clips (3).
  5. Make sure the track is secure on the wall before attaching your hanging accessories.